domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009


Well, some days have passed. So many miles that I´ve lost track.
To start with, Ignition.
What a great time I had back in my home town and country. Cool people to hang with, great music and great concerts. Lots of people and amazing gigs...the best...If I could had to that line-up hell is for heroes and gatechien would be even better. rocked!

The neds again, and lots of work rolling here. Strange and mixed feellings about it. If in a part I feel like I am going allright, in the other I think that I am not going in the right direction. Well, only time will tell.

Life is being a surprise, as the amount of work and as the rain falls I kind adapt to this new reality. Allways missing what is important for me, my family, friends, girl and my music. Yeah, it´s kind of hard to deal with all without those pillars, but I am doing it and everything is great. I can´t complain about anything at all. I am lucky dude. Really.

Last night we have been to Amsterdam, and we had a good time. Met a Portuguese dude that payed lots of beers and was pretty ok! The city was great and the red light is not as good as they talk about.hahaha.And there was some kicking and punching, a thing that I was kind of missing but now I regret. But yeah, was ok.

Today is a rainy day, as usual. Getting into sights and sounds and the new men eater´s album, so I will probably see them in Harlem when comming back from the road trip...probably we are going to do our way to berlin, conquer that shait!

well, everything for now, some snapshots of what this three weeks were all about!

Love, friendship and music.

p.s. all this stuff is written in stone. as the HH lyrics, something more than ink tells me about it. I am straight but not edge, but for me that lyrics tells me way more than that.

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