segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2010


These weeks have been amazing and full of great things.
We recorded our split, at least the vocals are already done, and I am really happy with it all.
We had two great gigs, that really meant a lot to me. I really love this shit. Can´t live without it. Missing it all the days that pass by without playing.

All the kids from the block are OK, seems like it was yesterday that we begun our faculty and it´s getting to an end. Everyone seems pretty much the same, which is a great things. All the friends in place too.

It was great to be with my girl, amazing times...laughing out loud! it´s great to have such backup in my life.

To be wit all my family, was great. Those hugs were as good as hell!

Xmas gifts were ok! The best one was given on last september, it´s called Delft, and I am really grateful for it.

Now I am 22. Time passes by. What really matters is that all the important ones are still here, the ones that went away or were lost, were not that important. Keeping the hard core and the same mentality as in yesterdays.

These are the lyrics for our new songs for the split with our bros from Death Will Come. It´s going to be a smash! You can believe the hype!

All the things

We got to keep in mind!
All the dreams we all dreamed for!
All the paths we took before!
All the lights that we look for!
All we have to do
Is to be what we are!
To teach all we know
To try to reach our final flow!
Then the oceans, the tides, the burning fights,
The lies, the scars, the opened doors,
Will make the sense of our lives

We will praise the day, gather the forces
Grab our ones, hear our voices!
This world is too small
Too short,just a passage to what we aren´t sure of
so choose your motif,
raise your things
keep your friends
and live your story!

stay true to
what you are
keep your wise words
to those who try



turn the tide

it´s time to turn the tide
we love the shit out of this
raised our voices and ripped our asses
been walking around like we owed you somethin,
guess what?
we owe you nothin

sit and wait, laugh and spit,

cause we aren´t done yet!

Again and Again!

cause our words,thoughts, dreams, values, will, strength and points of view
are right here
right now
with heart
ready to be!

ready to be!

no winds

pillars stand still

smacked on your face

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