quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010

sempre chegamos aonde nos esperam

Defeater - Beggin in the slums
I ain't been sleeping well these daysI lie awake listening to the trainsWishing for one of themTo come take me awayLost my way every place I've beenTired of thinking of all the hurt I've seenWishing for deathTo finally take me.My days are all the sameOn the corners I beg and pleadI blow my lungs outFor some strangers changeThe nights are long and coldUnder bridges where you're all aloneEmbers of the fire buildLike drifts of snowI've been thrown outI've been let downNever felt a promiseOf this townThat it was supposed to beWhen I left homeI am washed upOn my last breathJust an old manWith nothing left.It ain't the way it was supposed to beWhen I came home.My ups and my downsHave burnt me outThese people watching meThe swan song that I singAnd in the crowdI feel the eyesThat have been broken downJust like mine.I hope these words dig deepI hope he's listeningHe sees what I've becomeJust a broken man begging in slumsI found my hopeFinally found my hopeIn the poor lost souls eyesThat were burning just like mine.

2 comentários:

  1. :)
    eu que nunca tive grande interesse pela índia estou a começar a ficar curiosa.. ja conheci algumas pessoas k ai estiveram e agr tu com as tuas fotos e blog.. mt bom! quanto tempo vais ficar ai? tas a fazer um workshop nao é? kiss kiss

  2. essa música é top, senhor guerrilheiro indígena